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From a small town Lathe operator to Industrial Tycoon

A little bit of history

Pachancho owes Its existence to Antonio Gomes do Vale Peixoto. Born 25 of December 1890 in Braga. From a young age he became an apprentice lathe operator and founder. Some time in his life he sees an automobile (rare occasion in a poor country and underdeveloped at the time), and that vision fascinated and inspired him so much, that during his life he will build a small industrial empire around motorized vehicles and components.

The Beginning:
In 20 of October 1920 he establishes a little workshop for manufacturing of engine components such as pistons, cylinder liners, cylinder heads and piston rings, among others, are a huge success and the firm keeps increasing the number of workers and starts looking for more spacious facilities according to the necessity of a constantly growing company. The love for his home town was such that several chances were presented to him to associate himself to people with great financial capacity, he always denied saying "I’m very thankful but I will become someone in my own land".

During the 50s
in 1950, pachancho diversifies its line of products and begins building motorcycles. Contrary to other national builders, which used foreign engines to equip their models, Pachancho creates its own motor to use on its motorcycles. These become famous for their reliability and strength , having won several national championships titles, with various speed records. The production of these engines required a technique called "injected foundry", which until then, was new in Portugal.

1955 - Arises a new production line, internal combustion engines, with the purpose of supplying the national market, particularly agricultural engines such as motor pumps. This line of product caused the appearance of a new technique called "cronning" in the motor foundry, technique unknown in the country until that date.

1957 - Beginning of steel foundry, with the usage of an electric furnace, creating new production lines, particularly agricultural equipment such as various grass cutting machines. The company did not stop with the production of segments that gave it its initial development.

1958 - 31 of March, death of Antonio Peixoto, founder of the company.
The industrial spirit and tenacity of Antonio Peixoto was transmitted to his descendants, whose name, Pachancho, was the true heritage. His sons (Zacarias, Antonio and João) and sons-in-law (Albano and José) who, since an early age, shared his visions of modernization and industrial evolution would resume and continue leading the companies after his death.

1971 - Creation of FPS - Fabrica Portuguesa de Segmentos, Lda.
FPS is Created from a joint Venture between "Etablissement SIM SA" from Morges, Switzerland, engine components constructor, and "Antonio Peixoto, Lda" dedicated to piston rings manufacturing. This new venture creates a new foundry for the production of piston rings. This new product, now manufactured in great quantities, begins to impose itself by its quality becoming first choice in various automotive brands, exporting almost to every corner of the world, with more than 80% of its production destined for the European Union, Switzerland, United States of America, North Africa, Middle East and South America.

During the troubled times of the 70s, it was his son in law, José Marques Rodrigues, that took over the several companies. Thanks to his tenacity and will to honor the name Pachancho, he managed with a strategy of diversification, to maintain the various industrial sectors profitable, turning them autonomous.

1984 - The Portuguese venture of FPS acquires the total market share of the Joint Venture.

1988 - Creation of ALBRA - Industria de Aluminio, Lda.
The dimension, diversity and quality of the products that this company is able to produce, makes it one of the best companies nationwide, exporting over 80% of its production.

2000 - Relocation
With the objective of the continued industrial evolution, the company relocates itself from the town center to the new industrial park. These new infrastructures represent the beginning of a new cycle for Pachancho Group, where two ideals prevail:
-The well being of the environment
-The search for excellency

To the founder, Antonio Peixoto "Pachancho", several tributes were presented by various leading figures. He was also presented with the "Industrial and Commercial Merit Commendation" by the President of the Republic